Gamete Storage

Advances in freezing technology now makes egg, sperm and even ovary freezing an option. Re-animated eggs and sperm can be used almost as good as fresh ones for fertilization to make embryos in IVF, and ovarian tissue can be replaced into a woman’s body to produce eggs. So it is possible to have gamete (sperm and egg) storage for own use. This method is also suitable for cancer patients who are about to undergo chemotherapy or radiotherapy, as patients can be rendered infertile after treatment.

For women, this is a breakthrough to allow them to be in control of their life – their reproduction planning which previously is only governed by their age which they cannot control or change. If you don’t want to miss the prime of your reproductive life due to personal, career or health reasons, you should consider gamete storage where you could store up to 10 years. You can freeze your sperm or egg and use it years later, preserving your fertility treatment options.

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