The leading women's health clinic

with obstetrics, gynaecology & reproductive medicine specialists in Hong Kong.

We made the first

test tube baby in Hong Kong

Our founder is the pioneer of IVF in Hong Kong

and responsible for the first IVF baby.

Having or planning

for a baby?

The Women’s Clinic is a leading obstetrics and gynaecology clinic,

specializing in complete care of the pregnant mother.

Having problem conceiving?

We have treated thousands of couples and completely understand

the emotional and financial stresses involved.

One-stop service

The Women's Clinic offers a comprehensive range of health services for women. We specialize in:

Health Screening

We provide various one-stop women's health check plans which include gynaecological examination and medical imaging service.


We offer a variety of surgical treatments for obstetric and gynecological problems.


We provide timely infertility diagnosis. Patients undergo necessary tests to complete the diagnosis with recommended treatment.


We offer Down’s syndrome screening and fetal well being scans.

Diet & Psychology

Our dietitian offers advice on healthy diet, weight management and chronic disease prevention.

Gamete Storage

If you don’t want to miss the prime of your reproductive life due to personal, career or health reasons, you should consider gamete storage.

About us

  • Our mission is to help families who are unable to conceive naturally to fulfil their dreams of having children safely, effectively using the most advanced assisted reproductive techniques.
  • The founder of the clinic has over 30 years of experience in treating infertility. He created the first test-tube baby in Hong Kong during 1986, and founded the first IVF centre in Hong Kong prior to that.
  • Other doctors and embryologists at the clinic also have many years of international experience. With their knowledge and skills, coupled with our advanced facilities, it is now easier for our patients to fulfil their dreams.
Doctors & Team