Premarital Health Screening

Getting married is a joyous occasion, and it signifies the commitment of two people to each other and the beginning of a life long loving partnership.

There are certain diseases that may affect the couple or future procreation, and we have organized our investigations in order to identify those at risk. If there is any problem these individuals can have further tests, counseling and treatment as necessary.

We at The Women's Clinic believe that early diagnosis and prevention are better than treatment, so we have specially put together a few screening tests for couples prior to marriage.

Typical tests include haematological tests and urinalysis, and screening tests for various sexually transmitted diseases as well as hepatitis B screening.

Rubella is included for the female clients, so that if they were found not to be immune, vaccination can be offered prior to trying for a family.

Along the same vein, semen analysis is also offered for men.

In addition, further tests may also be ordered depending on each individual's history and needs. We appreciate that in certain instances not both couple would wish to be tested; hence the offer is extended to the individual as well as to the couple.

We hope you would take advantage of our offer, and take this opportunity to wish you and your partner having a long, happy and loving relationship.

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