Postmenopausal Well Women Screening

Postmenopause is defined as the time when a full year has passed from the time of the last menstrual period.

This is a time when the symptoms of the menopause have faded, or become less frequent, the energy and emotional levels tend to become more stabilized.

Major changes occur during this time, with the decrease in the natural production of estrogen, namely the women become more at risk from osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, and this is the age group that is most at risk from breast cancer.

At The Women’s Clinic we have recognized the need for this special group of women, aiming to improve the health and wellness of the women in this age group. This may include periodic consultation, regarding symptoms, diagnosis , and state of well being. Physical examination is necessary for detection of any abnormal changes in the breasts and pelvic organs. Other diagnostic tools may include pelvic ultrasound examination and bone densitometry screening, mammogram for breast screening, a full check up service +/- cardiovascular screening. Furthermore, we also offer expert advise in the specific nutritional requirements for women in this group, and on homeopathic alternatives for the management of hormone replacement.

We aim at promoting the well being of women through a healthy lifestyle, and coupled with regular health screening and advise, it is never too late to improve.

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