We offer Down’s syndrome screening and fetal well-being scans with our high quality 3D/4D ultrasound scanners. We believe that pregnancy is a natural physiological state rather than a disease and we hope to make your pregnancy and birthing experience a safe, enjoyable and memorable one.
At your pregnancy 4-14 weeks, you need:
  • Ultrasound for calculating the actual date of conception and expected date of delivery and examination of basic fetal structures
  • Nutritional review to take proper nutritional supplements which reduce the risk of neural tube defect
  • Down’s syndrome screening
  • Blood tests to screen for anaemia, blood group, Rhesus factor, Coombs’ antibodies, hepatitis B, sexually transmitted disease and rubella immunity
At your pregnancy 14-28 weeks, you need:
  • Maternal health assessment which checks maternal weight, blood pressure and urine at intervals of 2-4 weeks
  • 2D, 3D, 4D Ultrasound for examination of fetal development and cervix competency
At your pregnancy 28-40 weeks, you need:
  • Regular check up to detect maternal problems and assess fetal indices of well being
  • Fetal check up to monitor fetal growth and assess safety of labour process