2D/ 3D/ 4D Ultrasound Scanning in Pregnancy

With the improvement in Ultrasound scanning technology, pre-natal scanning has become the most important modality of fetal assessment in utero.

During the 2nd Trimester (13-28 weeks), an anomaly scan is usually carried out, as well as the uterine artery doppler study, which allows for the fetal organs and uterine/placental function to be assessed.

In the 3rd Trimester (29-40 weeks) the assessment of the fetal well being and growth can be performed, together with fetal doppler studies.

3D ultrasound can be performed at all gestation, and allows the baby to be examined in all three dimensions; this is superior to 2D imaging which could only outline the baby in two-dimensional sections. Furthermore, it could provide a more accurate, detailed diagnosis as well as improve visualization of the baby by the parents. This has been shown to improve bonding between the child and the parents, especially for the father.

4D ultrasound scanning is the ultimate in the state of the art technology, and it not only allows for three-dimensional images, but it can be done uniquely in real time. It is possible not only to see the baby’s features, but also allows for the movement and behavior of the baby to be studied as well.

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