Our state-of-the-art hardware are managed by experienced people with a strict protocol, and we are here to optimise your success rates.

Advanced Clinical Setting

Although assisted reproductive technology is considered to be a developed and reliable medical process, experienced professional supervision, efficient clinical medicine, and sophisticated equipment are necessary. Building an efficient ventilation system to achieve a pollution free environment is also essential for success.

Our clinic is furnished with cutting edge equipment available in both the operation theatres and embryo culture laboratories. They are equipped with their own air ventilation and filtration system to maximise air purity and have minimal particles and completely free of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). All walls and surfaces are coated in anti-bacterial and anti-fungal substances to significantly reduce the chance of contamination.

The clinic has an open and comfortable design, which helps our patients to relax during treatment.

Ultra Clean Environment

We take cleanliness beyond the required medical standards as this can directly affect the quality of your embryos and their survival.

The use of prefabricated construction in our laboratories and operating theatres with no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) ensures that all surfaces are pretreated in order to be anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.

Great care has been taken in order to minimise volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which is very important for the embryos viability, we also insist on using only all natural and organic cleaning products to ensure keeping this to a minimum. The air flow at our facility has been especially designed to only allow ultra-clean air to enter the operating theatres and the embryology lab. The air exchange is set to operate at 25 times per hour, with positive pressure lamina flow to ensure a one way air flow system throughout to avoid any possible issue of particle contamination to the facilities.

Specially designed ventilation and air treatment system, provides high air exchange through multiple filtration steps including carbon filters, VOCs filters, UV filters and high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters to ensure ultimate cleanliness of air provided.

Advanced Embryology Lab

Our embryology lab has advanced equipment to create the stable environment for embryos and ensure consistency in temperature and pH levels as much as possible throughout their embryonic lives.

Hydraulic anti-vibration tables that dampen micro-vibration are employed during intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) and other micromanipulation techniques, allowing our embryologists to work in a stable environment during these delicate procedures. This is designed to prevent shocks or mishaps in order to improve embryo quality.

The surfaces of the microscope, where works on the gametes and embryos are done, are heated to the correct temperature to maximise their survival.

As the embryos are developing, assisted hatching and fragment removal, a micromanipulation technique, is used to promote development of embryos adversely affected to improve their quality and implantation chances.

We opted for Custom Biogenic Systems (CBS) nitrogen vapour-based storage instead of the usual liquid alternative to maintain an environment, which is the most stable that can be offered. This will not only increase the survival rate of your frozen embryos but also eliminate contamination that can exist if just liquid nitrogen is used.

Thorough Quality Control Protocol

While obtaining new knowledge and techniques to enhance the success rate, we also run a quality control protocol with over 200 check points every day, as it is essential to have the hardware in perfect conditions. Preventive maintenance is run every 3 months to ensure all equipment is functioning optimally.

This program allows for a continued appraisal and audit of all the parameters that can affect your success rate which is what we are dedicated to.